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RCCR&R gives you access to our Resources Room, complete with, books, copier, laminator and die cut machine. Please note that there are fees associated with some services. Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Please call ahead to schedule your visit.

As a child care provider, you have access to the following resources in our resource room:

back to school, pencils, rainbow
  • Concept Boxes
    Fun activity tubs that include some start up supplies and materials related to a specific theme or topic

  • Books, CDs, Videos, and Literature
    Information related to child care, child development, human development, program management, health/safety, activity ideas, and nutrition

  • Computer
    Type memos, policies, business flyers, letters to staff and/or parents, and much more…FREE of Charge!!!

  • Caregiver Theater
    Watch videos or DVD’s on infant/toddler care, child care safety, human development, parent perspectives, Environment Rating Scales, nutrition, developmentally appropriate practices, etc. Just call ahead and we’ll have the video of your choice cued up and ready to show! Up to 8 people may arrange to view a video at once.
  • Copier
    Make as many copies as you need for only .10 cents a copy!!

  • Take -N- Make Exchange
    If you have any homemade activity ideas, we have the materials you need to bring those ideas to life!

  • Ellison Machine
    Put away those scissors! Use the Ellison to create that fancy bulletin board with pre-cut shapes and letters (paper can be provided).

  • Lamination
    Only .50 cents per foot to beautify and add long life to art work, wall decorations, posters, letters, shapes, numbers, or a favorite article.

  • Paper Cutter
    Convenient in cutting precise measurements and is user friendly.

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